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Commercial HVAC Livonia

At MDI Comfort Systems, Inc., we help businesses with our top-of-the-line heating and cooling commercial HVAC services. Since starting out, we’ve taken on various projects, always providing personalized attention to ensure precision and satisfaction with all of our work.
We have been awarded ‘Best HVAC Contractor in Livonia, Michigan by  We’re ready to provide you with our highest-quality HVAC maintenance and repair service. We also offer industrial air conditioning system installation and repairs for any type of company building. Take a look at our recent commercial HVAC service projects and get in touch today to start discussing your own project.


We understand that business owners need to take off their HVAC systems as failure to properly maintain them can cause loss of income or even clientele. Commercial HVAC mechanical aspects are complex, so you can be assured that MDI Comfort Inc. technicians are fully trained in servicing the latest systems and entirely up to date with the latest regulations. So if you're a local facility manager, or business owner looking for commercial HVAC services, our HVAC technicians are waiting to serve.

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What is Commercial HVAC?

Commercial HVAC (heating and ventilation) systems have the same purpose as residential HVAC systems. They are designed to keep building occupants warm with high-quality air in a 72-degree environment with humidity between 40 and 60 percent.

What Does a Commercial HVAC System Do?

The three key elements to controlling the climate inside a commercial building are cooling or warming air and a distribution technique. The thermostat regulates the cool air in the building, and it flows through the same ducts as the heated air. The source may be different.

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Commercial HVAC heating

Commercial HVAC heating activates using burners. The burners produce combustion gas transferred to a heat-exchanging unit, which heats the air. Sometimes heat pumps transfer outdoor heat indoors. An air conditioner function similarly to heat pumps but work in the reverse direction, transferring indoor heat outdoors.

Types and applications of HVAC Systems for Commercial Buildings

There are four types of HVAC systems for commercial buildings. But there are many ways that they can be used.

All-in-one HVAC systems

All-in-one systems include the fan coil, compressor, condenser, and evaporator that can integrate the thermostat. The package HVAC units are ideal for smaller buildings that don't have enough space for larger teams. Packaged terminal air conditioners may be installed in the windows of hotels, hospitals, and condominiums. These units are ideal for buildings requiring residents to control the room's temperature or air quality. Terminal heat pumps bundle can heat or cool rooms by transferring heat outside in the winter and vice versa in summer.

Split Systems

Split Systems are systems connected to a building's ductwork. Split Systems are perfect for residential buildings. They also work well in small commercial establishments like restaurants and small shops. A thermostat or DDC can control each area. The downside? You might need a separate HVAC unit for each space to be maintained. It will take up space on the rooftop and other places around the building. While zoning is an option to regulate different locations, it can be costly. Variable refrigerant flows systems (VRF) are a good option if you want to heat or cool various parts of a large commercial building. VRF systems, which are relatively new in the US, are not standard. They are heat pumps or recuperators that cool heated air in one location and then move it into another heating area.


RTU stands for roof top unit and refers specifically to package units on the roof. Weather-resistant housings protect the major components of rooftop HVAC units as they are placed on flat roofs (no higher than ten stories up). These all-in-one HVAC units are compact and contain a compressor and condenser as well as an evaporator/blower. Some RTUs are only heat-producing, while others cool off. The air flows through dampers which are rotating metal sheets designed to regulate airflow. It then passes through the filter before reaching the coils, which heat or cool it. Once the air has been sucked in, the fan begins to blow through the duct system. It then transports it to its destination—a typical RTU mix of indoor and outdoor air to maintain CO2 levels safely and save energy.

VRF Systems

VRF systems, which are relatively new in the US, are not well-known. VRF systems, created in Japan in the early 1980s, are highly sophisticated commercial HVAC systems. Ductless is the best way to describe VRF systems. Instead, they rely upon heat pumps and heat recovery systems to send refrigerant out of a central outdoor unit that houses all the compressors and condensers. The temperature of each zone is determined by how refrigerant is added to the indoor units. This allows for great temperature control. The VRF system is compact and can house powerful indoor equipment that is quiet. It is also easy to install since most indoor units can be placed in an elevator. VRFs have a 30% higher efficiency than traditional HVAC systems. The variable compressor speed makes it possible to adjust the temperature more accurately than conventional systems.

Additionally, ductwork is not lost as much as in traditional HVAC systems. VRF systems can be more costly and require a backup compressor in the event of a failure.

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What We Recommend For Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Commercial HVAC maintenance can be just as necessary as regular maintenance of your kitchen appliances or car. A small price to pay in prevention can save you lots of money. The most significant benefit of commercial HVAC maintenance is the extension of each component's life expectancy. Each piece is interdependent, and a failure in one component may cause the system to malfunction. Problems with malfunctioning HVAC parts or clogged HVAC units can stress the heating and cooling units.

Normal wear and tear can also cause a significant decrease in the lifespan of your commercial HVAC unit, which can lead to a reduction of 8 to 15 years. 

You need to make sure that indoor air quality remains consistent. You may have felt your breathing affected when you walked into an older structure. Perhaps your eyes are watery. The air is likely to have unwanted particles. A simple maintenance check can quickly identify dirty filters, coils, boiler, furnace, or blower parts. 

Poor indoor air quality significantly affects retail businesses that depend on customers' positive shopping experiences to survive. It is crucial to lower costs when you run a business in your city.   

Preventative HVAC maintenance can help lower energy costs by 5% to 40%. Poor maintenance can reduce equipment's life expectancy and make it more challenging to work as designed. A customized, in-depth plan is required to maintain your HVAC system. 

Large commercial buildings that must heat, cool, or ventilate the air require a more complex maintenance program, as it is impossible to rely on a standard HVAC maintenance program. It is essential to hire a reputable and experienced HVAC company.

They will create a maintenance checklist based on climate, budget, and type of equipment. The frequency you carry out maintenance tasks will depend on your location. You can be more flexible in temperate climates, while it might require regular checks in harsher environments. Commercial maintenance programs should, at a minimum, include four annual services. 

Too often, commercial building managers and superintendents wait for problems to occur before giving their HVAC equipment the attention it needs.   

Every building is different, so each building will have its own checklist. For greater efficiency, upgrades may be needed.

Tips For Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Commercial air conditioning is vital to making commercial buildings comfortable. MDI Comfort Inc is a leading HVAC contractor for commercial HVAC units and air conditioners. They understand the importance of a comfortable work environment and will help your business attain the comfort levels you need. They offer complete commercial air conditioning services, including installation, repair, replacement, and replacement. MDI Comfort Inc. is here to help you provide a comfortable environment for your home, business, apartment, or multifamily home. They are expert commercial HVAC contractors ready to install your next commercial AC unit.

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